Weighing of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants

For most people, losing a tooth can be quite disconcerting. Sometimes the tooth is lost because of dental condition and sometimes the tooth is lost because of an injury. Whatever the case may be, in the past, when a single tooth was gone, it was gone for good. Fortunately, with the advent of Dental Implants, a single tooth can easily be replaced. Bridgework or a complete set of dentures can a help a person who has experienced significant tooth loss. However, not much can be done about an individual tooth with these options. However, implants can take care of a single lost tooth, or multiple teeth, permanently.

A dental implant can be put in place of the missing tooth in a manner that makes it a permanent part of a person’s dental work. The tooth can be fashioned to look like the other teeth around it. Whether a person’s teeth are extremely white or a bit stained, the implant can give the appearance of blending in with the other teeth so it doesn’t stand out. In addition, if a person takes care of their teeth, a dental implant will never have to be replaced. This isn’t the case with dentures or bridgework.

However, there are a few things to consider with dental implants. The first thing is that dental implants can be fairly expensive. Depending on a person’s location and where the implant will be located in the mouth, the cost can be anywhere from $2000 to $5000 per implant.

Another consideration is that dental implants are typically considered cosmetic procedures. This means they are elective procedures. In most cases, they aren’t covered by dental insurance plans. What this means is that the entire cost of one or multiple dental implants will normally have to be paid out of pocket. If the implants are at the higher scale for a price point, this can be a significant investment.

Considering that missing teeth can promote damage to other teeth as well as making it difficult for a person to chew or speak, to say nothing about how self-conscious missing teeth can make a person feel, implants are a good option. They are expensive and they typically aren’t covered by insurance, so that is going to be a consideration. However, with all the negatives of missing teeth, a dental implant should be something to think about.