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Tips for Choosing Health and Social Care Training Providers

There are often multiple training providers offering courses in any given area. However, some courses are better than others, so it’s important to take care when selecting health and social care training providers.

Recognized Degree Program

Look for programs that fall under the QCF or the newer RQF levels or are otherwise accredited, as these are recognized to provide a certain level of achievement and understanding. Avoid unaccredited training programs, as these may be of questionable quality or may not be recognized by future providers.

Composition of Training Course

Check out the components of the course, when the course was designed, how assessments take place, and whether there are any options to tailor the course to a student’s needs. Make sure the course teaches the skills needed in a way that works for you, as different training programs will have slightly different courses and components, not all of which may be necessary for a particular student’s goals and anticipated position after completing the program and gaining a degree.


It’s also a good idea to choose a program that is convenient, providing training in a nearby location or allowing students to do their training at their own pace from home, having courses at times that suit the student’s schedule and having assessments at convenient times and places. If training isn’t convenient, it’s harder for a student to complete the course. Some students may need the training facility to provide a creche or to make special arrangements due to disabilities or not being fluent in English.

Cost and Payment Considerations

Compare the total costs of all programs under consideration, including tuition, registration, assessment, and materials. Look into payment options, such as whether there are installment plans or grants to make it easier to cover the cost of the training program.


Find out as much as possible about the quality of the program and whether there are any major companies that use the company to train their staff. Choose a training provider that has a long history, as these are often more likely to be good providers or they wouldn’t have lasted as long as they have.