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Pathway Genomics Offers Cutting Edge Technology in DNA Testing

Many people are realizing that dealing with their own particular health needs isn’t the same as the next person. They’re finding out that each person is not only unique in personality, but unique in other ways. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly trying to develop a miracle drug that fits everyone. One where patients will just take the pill and feel better all day. That doesn’t happen, and everyone knows it when they hear the long list of side effects any medication can have on their bodies. Some will be allergic to the medication immediately, while others will have long term side effects they won’t even know about for a year or so.

New, Cutting Edge Technology

Today, scientists have found that every person has their own set of DNA. Like a snowflake, each person’s DNA is different, and so they respond to everything differently than the next person. Individuals can take a simple DNA test where the individual swabs the inside of their mouth, then seals and sends it to Pathway Genomics lab. The lab will send a report explaining how to care for their skin, heart, type of fitness they may require, mental health, or various pain medications they can tolerate.

Personal Overview

This type of testing costs between $199 to $399 for each criteria a person wants. The cardiac genetic testing report will tell a person how their body may react to various medications to treat atrial fibrillation, or myocardial infarction. Simply put, these DNA reports take the guess work out of how the physician should treat their patient. Even though other patients have responded favorably to certain treatments, another patient may not.

Wasting Time and Money

Before wasting time on expensive hit and miss treatments, physicians are finding out that DNA testing assists their patients on to a high quality, more structured type of care. Many people today want to have an idea of how susceptible they are to developing certain diseases. They want to know if they’ll eventually develop high blood pressure, narrowing of the veins, or even how their body metabolizes caffeine. Instead of having a cabinet full of medications that may or may not work, they will have a full report about their own body and what it needs to maintain good health.