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Benefits Of A Weight-Training Program

Contrary to what some may think, weight training isn’t just for serious body-builders. Nowadays, more and more people are realizing that weight training is a helpful component of any diet or fitness plan. The following are some of the benefits of weight training for people of all ages and fitness levels.

First of all, weight training helps with weight loss, particularly fat loss. As you work to build lean muscle tissue, not only are you doing calorie-burning exercise, but you’re also helping your body burn more calories even when you’re at rest. Studies show that people who do weight training three times a week burn more calories in their daily activities than people who do cardio exercises only.

In addition, weight training makes daily activities like walking up a flight of stairs or carrying groceries in from the car both easier and safer. People who feel stronger and more confident in their movements are likely to be more active in general, which also supports weight loss goals and overall health.

Weight training also strengthens bones. From the age of thirty onwards, people lose bone mass at a faster rate than they can replace it, and this is what leads to osteoporosis. In addition to supplementing nutrition with calcium and vitamin D, doctors recommend weight training or weight-bearing exercises. Weight training not only replaces some bone loss, but it also protects bones from breaking by strengthening the muscles and tendons that are the support system of the skeleton.

In addition to counteracting bone loss, strength training has other health benefits. Diabetics who do weight training tend to have better control of their insulin, while healthy people can reduce their risk of diabetes through lifting weights. Weight training can also decrease arthritis pain as well as medication, according to some studies.

There are many good reasons to add weight training to your fitness plan. See your doctor before you start working out to make sure that the exercise is right for you, and make sure to get training before attempting machines or free weights on your own. For more information about incorporating weight lifting into your routine, check out http://blogher.com.