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How to Find a Great Carpenter

Carpentry is an indispensable skill necessary for just about any home renovation. Not only is a carpenter in charge of ensuring the job looks great, but you also depend on him to make your renovations safe and long-lasting.

Your area may have been recently hit by a hurricane, so you’ll have to find a good electrician for your electrical system and a carpenter for your deck. Or maybe all you need are a few small extras in your home. A finish carpenter can work on your windows or trims or a rough carpenter can do the structural work.

Regardless of the case, you’ll need somebody who is experienced, knowledgeable and every inch a professional. Below are tips for finding one:

1. Ask friends for referrals.
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The best way to hunt for a reliable carpenter is to ask people for recommendations. People are often glad to share their experiences with tradies who have worked for them before. But that’s not where you should stop. Take time to check out the recommended carpenter’s work and see if he’s someone you might actually want for your project.
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2. Ask for estimates.

Two or more prospects is always better than one for comparison purposes. And for good comparisons, you’d like to have every carpenter giving you an estimate of your project. Note that a good estimate is only possible after they have seen the jobsite and you have explained your plans. But keep in mind that cheap isn’t necessarily best, especially for complicated projects that require inspections or permits.

As well, asking for estimates is a great way to find out how professional the carpenter is. Did he come for the estimate as he promised he would? How hard or easy was it to get in touch with him? The answers to these questions will give you a good idea of the carpenter’s trustworthiness.

3. Ask for references.

If you have a prospective carpenter who was not personally recommended to you, it’s very important to ask for references and actually talk to these people. It can only take one quick phone call to avoid frustration and wasted money. Or you can check out independent review websites or pre-screening websites that help homeowners find the right tradesman for their project.

4. Scrutinize the contract.

As soon as found the right carpenter for the job, review the contract very, very carefully. Yes, you need a contract, and it has to include all the pertinent details, such as the cost and payment schedule, start and end dates and materials to be used with their corresponding individual costs. You should have a receipt for each payment you make.

Finally, hire a carpenter who is insured (liability coverage for work-related damages to your property and workman’s compensation coverage for any job-related injuries) and bonded (in case the carpenter does not meet the contract terms and conditions.